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Auction Glossary of Terms

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View our free online auction glossary of terms to learn the different terms and keywords used by auctioneers in the auction industry. The reference material coverts many different keywords starting with the letter A to letter Z. [read more]

How to Become a Certified Auctioneer in the United States

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Auctioneers find items to sell, organize events and do the footwork to attract bidders to the events. With their fast speech, they encourage quicker decisions and sell as many items as possible in a short amount of time. Before you enter this exciting career field, you must understand the requirements and what to expect during and after training. [read more]

How to Setup and Host Successful On-site Industrial Auctions

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Is your business or company preparing for an industrial auction to sell off merchandise or other items? Whether it's commercial and industrial equipment, vehicles, construction equipment, excess inventory, tools and shop equipment, closeout items, surplus and salvage items, or any other industrial items, an auction may be exactly the solution to sell your inventory. However, auctions are a lot of work. Companies should weigh the perceived benefits against the effort involved with setting up and hosting an on-site auction. [read more]

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Take advantage of our traffic. Thousands of visitors come to our website every single day. List your business on and promote your business with us! [read more]

AuctionNudge and StoreWebsitePro Comparison and Review

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AuctionNudge was launched back in 2008. Since its establishment it has been one of the best advertising tools for eBay sellers. The company focuses on three different types of tools, allowing eBay sellers to embed their eBay listings, eBay store profile, and eBay store feedback on their own websites, outside of eBay. StoreWebsitePro was launched in 2016. It aims to stand out and compete with AuctionNudge by providing a complete white-label solution for eBay sellers. Currently at the time of producing this content, StoreWebsitePro allows eBay sellers to embed their eBay listings on their own websites. [read more]

The Complete Marketing Guide for eBay Sellers

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It pays to sell on eBay, if you do it right, that is. Choosing the eBay as the marketplace to sell your products online is a good start. We have created this guide to help eBay sellers to generate more sales online. From our experience with selling on eBay, the fundamental difference between regular sellers and pro sellers is marketing. In this guide, we will talk about various on-eBay and off-eBay promotional strategies and optimizations that may help you in boosting your conversions and sales. [read more]

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Take advantage of our traffic. Thousands of visitors come to our website looking for auctions and equipment. List your auction on and acquire targeted bidders to your sale. [read more]

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