AuctionNudge and StoreWebsitePro Comparison and Review

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AuctionNudge was launched back in 2008. Since its establishment it has been one of the best advertising tools for eBay sellers. The company focuses on three different types of tools, allowing eBay sellers to embed their eBay listings, eBay store profile, and eBay store feedback on their own websites, outside of eBay.

StoreWebsitePro was launched in 2016. It aims to stand out and compete with AuctionNudge by providing a complete white-label solution for eBay sellers. Currently at the time of producing this content, StoreWebsitePro allows eBay sellers to embed their eBay listings on their own websites.

Comparison on Price: Free vs. Paid

It is absolutely free to use AuctionNudge. However, their script will add "eBay Listings from Auction Nudge" branding below your embedded eBay listings, "Powered by Auction Nudge" on your embedded store profile badge, and "eBay Feedback from Auction Nudge" below your embedded eBay feedback.

StoreWebsitePro on the other hand, is not free to use. However, for a small fee of $29.99 USD, you can activate and embed your eBay store listings on your website without any branding at all. This enables seamless integration of your eBay store listings on your website.

With that said, the site offers a 14-day trial so you can try it out for free for 14 days before you commit to paying for the service.

Comparison on Integration

Both AuctionNudge and StoreWebsitePro are easy to implement. Integrating and embedding your store listings onto your website is as easy as coping and pasting a block of JavaScript code, and it's compatible with literally any type of website, regardless of the platforms or hosting services you use.

You will be able to customize the look of the embedded code with customized CSS and JavaScript. AuctionNudge has provided examples of the different types of customization you can do. Although StoreWebsitePro has not provided instructions on how to customize, a front-end developer can easily figure it out by analyzing the HTML output of the embedded JavaScript code.

If your website is using WordPress and you are not comfortable editing the source code of your website to append the embed codes, AuctionNudge has a WordPress plugin available to help you embed its tools easily from within the admin panel of your WordPress CMS.

Comparison on Features

Since, at the time of producing this content, StoreWebsitePro does not offer embedding eBay store profile and store feedback outside of eBay, we will focus and compare the embedded store listings from both services.

Aside from one being branded and one being a white label solution, both of the embedded listings from AuctionNudge and StoreWebsitePro are responsive and tablet/mobile-friendly. However, we have found that StoreWebsitePro's eBay listings are more optimized for clicks. Since the eBay listings are picture-focused, after testing for a month, we have recorded significantly more clicks to eBay listings from using StoreWebsitePro's embed code compared with using AuctionNudge's embed code. This makes sense because shoppers focus on pictures first, details and information second. StoreWebsitePro has optimized their embedded listings for clicks.

From user-experience perspective, the design of the listings from StoreWebsitePro is significantly better to begin with. The grid view design with minimal white space allows sellers to showcase 100 listings per page with minimal scrolling required from the users. You can accomplish the same thing with AuctionNudge but that would require a bit of customization with CSS. We liked the way the listings show up straight out of the box from StoreWebsitePro. Being able to show up to 100 listings per page was a good feature. We tried to do the same with AuctionNudge but were not able to do so.

From navigation perspective, both of the embedded listings from AuctionNudge and StoreWebsitePro come with pagination. StoreWebsitePro allows users to jump to any page with a drop down menu, while AuctionNudge comes with previous and next buttons. Users using AuctionNudge are forced to navigate from page to page and will not be able to quickly jump back to the first page or go to any other page other than the previous and next pages.

We really liked the search box feature with StoreWebsitePro, which allows users to search and filter directly on the page. This dramatically improved the level of engagement from the users with the website and its embedded listings which resulted in better customer experience and clicks. We weren't able to do so with AuctionNudge.

StoreWebsitePro offers an affiliate program allowing its users to promote and recommend the tool to others and earn recurring commissions. The payout is $14.99 USD each time your referral activates a listing. If you find the service useful, you only have to recommend the tool to two people to cover the cost of using the tool yourself.

White Label No Yes
Cost Free $29.99 USD/year
Trial n/a 14 days
Implementation Easy Easy
Embed eBay Listings Yes Yes
Embed eBay Profile Yes No
Embed eBay Feedback Yes No
Listings Design Average Excellent
Listings Size Average Excellent
Listings Pagination Good Good
Search and Filter No Yes
Overall User Experience Good Excellent
Overall Profitability Good Excellent
Affiliate Program No Yes

Final Verdicts

If you are a small eBay seller with less than 50-100 products, you can go with AuctionNudge if you don't mind seeing their brandings on your website. The brandings are small.


If you are a medium to large eBay seller with more than 100 products, having a white label solution with listings optimized for clicks and better navigational/search/filter features, you should consider using StoreWebsitePro. The fee, from our perspective, is negligible compared with the benefits you receive from using their service.


With that said, if you have the budget to spend on development, you can also work with eBay APIs to integrate your store listings on your website at the backend/framework level. eBay API is free to use (with quota limitations) but the amount of development required will depend on the amount of features you want to have. You should test and see how much profit you can generate by having eBay listings displayed on your website by using AuctionNudge or StoreWebsitePro, before committing to developing your own in-house integration.

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