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Certified equipment dealer located in Concord ON

Our office/warehouse is located at: 70 Snidercroft Rd Unit N Concord ON United States L4K2K3

We specialize in Bus Duct, Transformers, Single Phase, 60 Cycle, Three Phase, Circuit Breakers, Air Indoor Typecircuit Breakers Air Indoor, Low Voltage, Switchesbolted Pressure Switches, Bus Duct/plugs, Generators, Switches.

In the past, we have purchased and sold equipment and parts from over 8 brands, including Square D, Siemens, Rex, Marcus, Bemag, Merlin Gerin, Federal Pioneer, Pringle.

Looking for more information? Contact Ben Lovegrove via phone at 800-811-0327, fax at 905-660-7508, email at

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