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Federal Equipment Company has been a trusted name in the processing equipment industry for more than 50 years. As one of the world’s top suppliers, Federal is dedicated to providing quality used equipment, outstanding service and competitive prices to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical, chemical, plastics, and related process industries.

Our office/warehouse is located at: 8200 Bessemer Ave Cleveland OH United States 44127-1837

We specialize in Boiler Accessories, Gear Reducers, Without Driving Unit, Programmable Logic Controllers (plc's), Chemical, Petroleum, Gas & Processing Equipmentmixers-blenders, Agitator, Air Cleaners, Air Conditioning & Water Chiller Equipment (also See Chillers), Air Compressors & Accessoriesair Compressors, Dryers, Refrigerated, Gas & Processing Equipmentautoclaves (also See Reactors), Packaging Equipmentbagging Equipment, Dust Collectors, Balancing Machines (dynamic & Static), Gas & Processing Equipmentball, Pebble, Sag Mills, Chemical Processing, Scrap Yard Machinery & Equipmentbriquetters, Hydraulic, Scrap Yard (also See Chip Processing Systems), Packaging Equipmentsealer, Carton, Blowers & Fansblowers, Turbo-centrifugal, Centrifuges, Testing Equipment (also See Laboratory & Research Equipment)environmental Chambers, Chillers (also See Cooling Towers), Cleaners, Vacuum Industrial, Coating Machines, Coating Pans, Gas & Processing Equipmentcolumns, Comparators, Optical, Computers & Computer Equipment, Cooling Towers, (also See Chillers), Gas & Processing Equipmentcrushers (also See Construction & Mining Section), Cut Off Machines (also See Tube Machinery), Disintegrators (including Tap Disintegrators), Gas & Processing Equipmentdispersers, High Speed (also See Mixers-blenders, Dispersion), Drills, Heavy Duty, Single Spindle, Vertical, Gas & Processing Equipmentdryers, Including Kilns, Coolers & Dehumidifiers, Dumpers, Including Drum Dumpers, Embossing Machines, Gas & Processing Equipmentevaporators (also See Dryers, This Section), Plastic & Rubber Machinery & Equipmentextruders & Extrusion Lines, Feeders, Parts, Packaging Equipmentfilling Equipment (fillers), Filtration Systems (also See Coolant Filtering Systems), Finishing Machines (also See Vibratory Finishers), Sweepers & Floor Scrubbers, Forklift Trucks (also See Trucks, Industrial), Testing Equipment (also See Laboratory & Research Equipment)freezers, Plastic & Rubber Machinery & Equipmentgranulators, Pelletizers (grinders Plastic Scrap), Grinders, Ball, Surface Reciprocating Table (horizontal Spindle), Gas & Processing Equipmentpulverizers & Hammermills (also See Crushers, Heaters, Direct Fired, Gas, Oil, Vaporizers, Etc., Water, Cranes & Equipmenthoists, Monorail & Trolley, For Cranes, Hydraulic Power Units (also See Pumps, Hydraulic), Presses, Hydraulic (also See Presses, Laminating And Presses, Molding), Pumpshydraulic Pumps, Inspection Equipment, Gas & Processing Equipmentreactors & Kettles (also See Autoclaves), Marking Machines (also See Wire Machinery, Marking Machines), Packaging Equipmentlabeling Machines, Labelers (for Packaging), Laboratory & Research Equipment (also See Testing Equipment), Laminating Machines (also See Plastic & Rubber Equipment), Lathes, Precision & Second Operation (also See Automatic Screw Machines & Chuckers), Lift Tables, Lifts, Material Handling Equipment (also See Lifts & Storage Equipment), Gas & Processing Equipmentmills, Media, Metal Detectors, Millers, Bed & Knee Type, (also See Millers, Cnc), Mullers, Paper & Pulp Mill Machinery, Paper Converting & Processing Machinery, Paper Shredders, Pipe Machinery (also See Threaders), Pollution Control Systems, Gas & Processing Equipmentfilters, Plate & Frame, Molding Compression Transfer (also See Presses,molding Compression Hydraulic), Gas & Processing Equipmenttanks (vessels), Cryogenic, Stainless, Pressurized, Printing Machinery, Presses & Equipment, Punches (also See Sheet Metal Machinery), Racks/shelving, Railroad Cars/equipment (also See Individual Catagories), Refrigeration Equipment (also See Compressors, Refrigeration), Saws, Band, Horizontal (bandsaws), Vertical (bandsaws), Cutoff, Also See Cut Off Machines, Tube, Scales, Gas & Processing Equipmentscrew Presses, Gas & Processing Equipmentscrubbers, For Elimination Of Impurities From Air & Gas, Sewing Machines, Shears, Power Squaring & Plate (inches), Sheet Lifters (also See Coil Handling Equipment Section), Stackers, Scrap Yard Machinery & Equipmentshredders, Gas & Processing Equipmentsilos, Slitters (also See Plastic & Rubber Equipment), Slitters, Sheet, Storage Equipment (cabinets And Tables), Packaging Equipmentstrapping Machines & Case Tapers, Packaging Equipmentwrapping Machines (wrappers), Tooling & Machinery Accessoriessurface Plates (also See Floor Plates & Bed Plates), Temperature Controllers-recorders, Welding Machinery & Equipmentpipe & Tube Welders, Plastic & Rubber Machinery & Equipmentvacuum Formers & Thermoformers, Vapor Recovery Systems, Vibratory Bowl Feeders, Water Treatment Equipment, Switchestransfer Switches, Battery Chargers, Boilers, Firetube, Watertube, Motor Starter Contactors Only, Magnetic & Vacuum, Variable Speed Drives, Ac, Variable Frequency Motors, Generators, A.c., Diesel Engine Driven, 60 Cycle, Engine Driven, Natural Gas Or Dual Fuel, Generators,a.c.,steam (turbine) Driven,condensing(also See Turbines,steam), Motors, Adjustable Speed (including Motors,variable Speed Drives), Slip Ring, Crane, Hoist & Mill, Dc Motors Electrical, 475-900 Volts, Panelboards (switchboards), Transformers, Three Phase, Pumpsvacuum Pumps, Tooling & Machinery Accessoriesdie Heads, Tooling & Machinery Accessoriesturrets & Turret Tooling & Attachments, Tooling & Machinery Accessoriesmiscellaneous, Tooling & Accessories, Air Compressors & Accessoriesair Compressor Accessories & Parts, Centrifugal (also See Compressors), Desiccant, Reciprocating Type (also See Compressors,process Gas), Rotary Screw (positive Displacement), Tank Mounted, Balers,paper & Metal (also See Scrap Yard Machinery & Equipment)balers, Paper & Corrugated Materials, Rotary-positive, Blowers & Fansfans, Plastic & Rubber Machinery & Equipmentblow Molders, Plastic, Plastic & Rubber Machinery & Equipmentcalenders, Plastic & Rubber, Plastic & Rubber Machinery & Equipmentcutters, Plastic & Rubber Machinery & Equipmentdicers, Plastic & Rubber Machinery & Equipmentdryers, Dessicant, Plastic & Rubber Machinery & Equipmentextrusion Dies, Plastic & Rubber Machinery & Equipmentlaminators, Plastic & Rubber Machinery & Equipmentmills, Plastic/rubber, Plastic & Rubber Machinery & Equipmentmixers-blenders & Agitators (also See Chemical, Gas & Processing Eqpt.), Plastic & Rubber Machinery & Equipmentmolding Machines, Injection, Screw Type, Plastic & Rubber Machinery & Equipmentpullers & Cutters, Plastic & Rubber Machinery & Equipmenttemperature Controllers, Plastic & Rubber Machinery & Equipmentmiscellaneous Plastic & Rubber Equipment, Candy Processing Equipmentcookers, Candy, Canning Equipmentretort Baskets, Canning, Gas & Processing Equipmentatomizers, Gas & Processing Equipmentattritors, Gas & Processing Equipmentbins, Gas & Processing Equipmentbriquetting Machines For Powdered Material, Gas & Processing Equipmentcalciners, Rotary (also See Dryers, Gas & Processing Equipmentchilsonators, Gas & Processing Equipmentclassifiers (also See Screens), Gas & Processing Equipmentcompactors For Powdered Materials, Gas & Processing Equipmentdensifiers, Gas & Processing Equipmentextruders (also See Plastic & Rubber Equipment), Gas & Processing Equipmentfeeders, Volumetric, Powder, Gas & Processing Equipmentfeeders / Loaders, Including Gravametric, Gas & Processing Equipmentfermentation Units, Belt, Cartridge & Bag, Nutsche, Pressure, Leaf Type, Rotary Vacuum & Rotary Pressure, Miscellaneous, Gas & Processing Equipmentflakers, Gas & Processing Equipmentflow Meters, Gas & Processing Equipmentfume Hoods, Gas & Processing Equipmentglove Boxes, Gas & Processing Equipmentgranulators (also See Plastic & Rubber Equipment), Gas & Processing Equipmentheat Exchangers, Cs Shell-alloy,hastelloy,karbate,monel,titanium Tubes, Carbon Steel Shell-carbon Steel Tubes, Carbon Steel Shell-stainless Steel Tubes, Karbate Shell-karbate Tubes, Glass Lined, Spiral, Stainless Steel Shell-stainless Steel Tubes, Gas & Processing Equipmentheat Exchangers-miscellaneous, Gas & Processing Equipmenthomogenizers, Gas & Processing Equipmentlump Breakers/delumpers, Gas & Processing Equipmentmills (also See Mills, Pug, Attrition, Colloid, Roll, Vibro Energy, Cone, Continuous, Dispersion (also See Dispersers (this Section), Double/single Arm, High Intensity, Inline, Nauta, Paddle, Planetary, Plow, Pony, Ribbon, Rotary, Sigma, Twin Shell (v-type), Zig Zag, Carbon Steel, Atmospheric (14.7 Psi) & Pressurized, Gas & Processing Equipmentprocessors, Producers, Compounders, Gas & Processing Equipmentrecovery Systems, Gas & Processing Equipmentscreens, Vibrating, Gas & Processing Equipmentscreens & Sifters, Gas & Processing Equipmentseparators, Horizontal (also See Centrifuges, Gas & Processing Equipmentsterilizer, Steam, Air Pressure, Gas & Processing Equipmentstills, Gas & Processing Equipmentsurface Condensers, Gas & Processing Equipmenttanks, Nitrogen/oxygen, Aluminum, Hastelloy, Monel, Nickel, Polypro, Gas & Processing Equipmentvacuum Loaders, Gas & Processing Equipmentversators, Gas & Processing Equipmentvotators, Gas & Processing Equipmentmiscellaneous, Chemical & Processing Equipment, Washers, Parts (washing Machines)washers, Automated Batch, Basket, Turntable, Ultrasonic, Paint & Powder Systems & Equipmentaccessories, Paint & Powder, Furnaces & Ovensburn Off & Paint Stripping Furnaces, Paint & Powder Systems & Equipmentsystems, Coil Handling Equipmentcoil Winders, Coil Handling Equipmentfeeders, Coil Handling Equipmentmiscellaneous, Scrap Yard Machinery & Equipmentbaler, Cutter, Guillotine, Scrap Yard Machinery & Equipmentcrushers, Scrap, Scrap Yard Machinery & Equipmentmiscellaneous, Scrap Yard Machinery, Conveyorsbelt Conveyors, Conveyorsbucket Elevator, Conveyors, Conveyorsroller Type Conveyors, Conveyorsscrew Type Conveyors, Conveyorssteel Slat & Chip Conveyors, Conveyorsvibratory Feeders, Conveyorsmiscellaneous Conveyors, Cranes & Equipmentcranes, Jib (pedestal), Food Processing Equipment (also See Chemical,petroleum,gas & Processing Equipment)cleaners, Food, Food Processing Equipment (also See Chemical,petroleum,gas & Processing Equipment)cutters, Slicers, Food Processing Equipment (also See Chemical,petroleum,gas & Processing Equipment)feeders, Auger, Bowl, Coupon Inserter, Incline, Cleated, Food Processing Equipment (also See Chemical,petroleum,gas & Processing Equipment)mixers-blenders, Dispersion, Liquefier, Food Processing Equipment (also See Chemical,petroleum,gas & Processing Equipment)miscellaneous Food Processing Equipment, Furnaces & Ovensbatch Type Furnaces, Furnaces & Ovensbelt Conveyor Furnaces, Furnaces & Ovensbox Type Furnaces, Furnaces & Ovensovens, Cabinet Type, Laboratory Type, Vacuum, Furnaces & Ovenstube Furnaces, Furnaces & Ovensvacuum Furnaces, Furnaces & Ovensmiscellaneous Furnaces, Ovens & Parts, Sheet Metal & Hvac Machinerymiscellaneous, Sheet Metal, Packaging Equipmentaccumulation Tables, Packaging Equipmentbottling Equipment, Packaging Equipmentcappers, Packaging Equipmentcarton Machines, Packaging, Packaging Equipmentcase Packers, Packaging Equipmentcheckweighers, Packaging Equipmentcounters, Slat, Disc, Track, Packaging Equipmentform, Fill, Seal Machines, Packaging Equipmentpalletizers, Packaging Equipmentsealers & Sealing Systems, Packaging Equipmentshrinking, Flow Thru, Tunnels, Packaging Equipmentshrinking Machines, Packaging Equipmentunscramblers, Packaging Equipmentmiscellaneous Packaging Equipment, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device Equipment & Suppliescheckweighers, Medical Device Equipment & Suppliescleaners, Medical Device Equipment & Suppliescleaners (polishers), Medical Device Equipment & Suppliescottoners, Medical Device Equipment & Suppliescounters (sorters), Medical Device Equipment & Suppliesdedusters, Medical Device Equipment & Suppliesfilling Systems (fillers), Medical Device Equipment & Suppliesinspection And Testing (testers), Medical Device Equipment & Suppliespresses, Tablet, Medical Device Equipment & Suppliesprinters (markers), Medical Device Equipment & Suppliessterilizers, Medical Device Equipment & Suppliesthermoformers, Medical Device Equipment & Suppliesmiscellaneous, Pumpscentrifugals (including Boiler Feed Pumps), Pumpscentrifugals, Vertical (including Deepwell & Turbine Pumps), Pumpsdiaphragm, Pumps, Pumpsmetering Pumps, Pumpspositive Displacement Pumps, Pumpsrotary Vane Pumps (not Vacuum), Pumpsstainless, Brass, Titanium Pumps, Pumpsmiscellaneous, Testing Equipment (also See Laboratory & Research Equipment)analyzer, Testing Equipment (also See Laboratory & Research Equipment)compression Testers, Testing Equipment (also See Laboratory & Research Equipment)hardness Testers, Testing Equipment (also See Laboratory & Research Equipment)tensile Testers, Testing Equipment (also See Laboratory & Research Equipment)torque & Torsion Testers, Testing Equipment (also See Laboratory & Research Equipment)miscellaneous Testing Equipment, Valvesairlock Valves, Valvesball Valves, Valvesbutterfly Valves, Valvescontrol Valves, Valvesdiverter Valves, Valvesgate Valves, Valvesglobe Valves, Valvesplug Valves, Valvesrotary Valves, Valvessafety Valves, Valvesmiscellaneous Valves, Welding Machinery & Equipmentultrasonic Welders, Welding Machinery & Equipmentmiscellaneous Welders, Wire Machinerycoilers, Wire, Wire Machineryspoolers & Despoolers, Wire Machinerymiscellaneous, Woodworking Machinerysaws, Woodworking, Electric Motors, Squirrel Cage, Petroleum & Gas Processing Equipment, Chillers/refrigeration Equipment, Filters, Heat Exchangers, Mixers, Packaging Equipment, Tanks, Valves.

In the past, we have purchased and sold equipment and parts from over 1656 brands, including Cream City, Watlow Hannibal, Stainless Motors, Farrel, Pfaudler, Allen-bradley, Ferrups, Mge, Teco, Grovhac, Baldor, Lightnin, Philadelphia, Chemineer, Prg, Anchor, Sharpe, B Braun, Boston Gear, Groen, Mixmor, Eurodrive, Brawn, Ceramic Coatings, Cryolock, Dedietrich, Glatt, Ika, Metolift, Mix Master, Sonic Typhoon, Microair, Air Energy Systems, Applied Containment, Munters, Schott, Hankison, Motivair, Champion, Deltech, Pneumatic, Arrow, Autoclave Engineers, Parr, Sgl, Optenberg, Amsco, Steris, Pharmetrics, Primus, Patterson, Fedegari, Finn Aqua, Getinge, Tuttnauer, Arcopak, Automated Packaging, Azo, Black Diamond, Eastern Packaging, Extract Tech, Flexicon, Gec, Gloucester, Package Machine, Smurfit Stone, St Regis, Stone Container, Taylor, Taylor-winfield, Tecweigh, Torit, Donaldson, Fette, Mikro, Kice, Airtrol, Cadmach, Delta, Dustex, Flanders, Flex Kleen, Fumex, Hgi, Hoffman, Horizon Systems, Iac, Mac, Mse, Nilfisk, Pace, Premier Pneumatics, Shick, Spencer, Thomas, United Air Specialists, Wap, Flex-weight, Ohaus, Norton, Vicentini, Abbe, U.s. Stoneware, Sacmi, Steveco, Netzsch, Epworth, Komarek, 3m, Durable Packaging, Highlight, Little David, Gardner-denver, Lamson, Buffalo, Baker, Heinkel, Flottweg, Carr, Dorr Oliver, Rousselet, Ellerwerk, Bird, Alfa-laval, Ametek, Tolhurst, Western States, Sanborn, Delaval, Sharples, Atm, At & M, Ketema, Robatel, Krauss Maffei, Beckman, Celeros, Cincinnati, Comi-condor, Gea, Merco, Mitsubishi, Sorvall, Westfalia, Despatch, Environmental Special, Espec, Ocean Aire, Technical System, Mcquay, Carrier, Trane, Hitachi-seiki, Krack Corp, Rae Corp, York, Dunham-bush, Fes, Brinkmann, Huber, Microtherm, Mokon, Neslab, Thermo, Unisem, Tiger-vac, Vac-u-max, Davis, Graco, Huttlin, Total Systems, Vector, O'hara, Nr Industries, Draim Drycota, Pellegrini, Colton, Stokes, Skerman, Ardeth, Omnifab, Industrial Process, Whiting, Entex, Koch, Tycon, Verkouille, Ceilcote Vanturi, Pemco, Jones, Daisy, Baltimore Aircoil, Marley, Alexanderwerk, Bepex, Bico, Freund Vector, Stedman, Cds, Bobor, Farris, Sakas, Toledo, Battenfeld, Rietz, Tokushu, Myers, Premier, Hockmeyer, Quadro, Shar, Schold, Cowles, Big H, Kady, Kinetico, Armenco, Cayuga, Eimco, Joshua Greaves, Emco, Reynolds, Jaygo, Morehouse Cowles, Rockwell, Clausing, Carman, Leister, Holo-flite, Overton, Fantech, Fts, Buflovak, Fisher Scientifi, Conair, Riedhammer, Hull, Christian Brothe, Niro, Whitlock, Bethlehem, Witte, Cogeim, Littleford, Apv, Kason, Wyssmont, Hosokawa, Air Products, Paul O Abbe, Ohara, Buss, Bowen, Devine, Virtis, Aec, Aeromatic, Anderson, Ascoat Lakso, Binder, Boc Edwards, Buchi, Bush, Charles Thompson, Cissell, Day, Edwards, Fluid Air, Huebsch, Innes, J.p. Devine, Labconco, Labotek, Lewco, Motan, Novatec, Patterson-kelley, Rational, T.k. Fielder, Tew, Una-dyn, United Mcgill, Usifoid, Vacudyne, Yamato, Essex, Hercules, Morse, Nationwide Industrial, Luwa, Votator, Kontro, Aqua-chem, Brabender, Actual, Akron, Bonnot, Deltaplast, Hpm, Royal, Egan, Graham, Killion, Pti, Sterling, Hydreclaim, Macroplast, Maco Engineering, Brown, Welex, Core-tech, Werner & Pfleiderer, Plastex, Munchy, Maris, Omv, Berstorff, Fuji, Leistritz, Welding Engineer, Zumbach, Adtech, All-fill, Ams, Aylward, Basil, Bausch & Stroebe, Bosch, Capmatic, Capsugel, Chemical & Pharm, Cozzoli, Elanco, Filamatic, Fmc, Groninger, Hassia, Heisler, Hibar, Hoong-a Corp, Ima, Kalish, Kalix, Kugler, Lab, Lakso, M & O Perry, Mar, Mateer Burt, Mettler, Mg2, Njm, Norden, Obs, Oden, Oystar, Pamasol, Per-fil, Pneumatic Scale, Rapid, Romaco, Serac, Spee Dee, Tl Bosch, Tl Systems, Tmp, Unipac, Volpak, Filtra Systems, Filtron, Omniaire, Osmonics, U.s. Filter, Otec, Windsor, Lift Rite, Yale, Crown, Lb Bohle, Fisher Scientific, Forma, Frigidaire, Kelvinator, Kendro, Puffard Hubbard, Revco, Vwe, Vwr Scientific, Accrapak, Lr Systems, Cumberland, Nelmor, Colinear, Foremost, Automatik, Collette, Dravo, Erema, Erweka, Frewitt, Gala, Key, Prism, Tapasys, Steel Ball Grind, Covel, Ann Tsung Machin, Atlantic, Bantam, Bel-art Products, Bellco, Bliss, Blue Tech, Fitzpatrick, Fluid Energy, Fps, Franklin, Jacobson, Jwc, Kamas, Machine & Proces, Majac, Nbe, Perry, Pulva, Pulverizing Mach, Schutz-o'neil, Septu Grinding, Sprout Waldron, Sturtevant, Trost, Urschel, Wedco, Williams, Dowtherm, Eclipse, Chromalox, Watlow, Sterlco, Advantage, Cryogenic, Christon-moore, Vulcan, P & H, David Round & Sons, Compac, Michigan, Carver, Phi, Wabash, Falcon, Hydromatic, Warren, Automate, Eisai, Global Vision, Gti, Loma, Mw Technologies, Nikka, Safeline, Scantech X-ray, Seidenader, Gemco, Pdc, Qvf, United, Allegheny Bradford, Ce Howard, Asc/alpha Bio, Buckeye, Lee, Mbr, Ehw Thale, Chemglass, Cousins, Northland, Pressure Product, Allegheny Bradfo, T & C, Thermo Scientific, Will Flow, R & M, B & G, Gaspar, Walker, Baeuerle & Morris, Dci, Alloy Products, Hamilton, Ross, American, Feldmeier, Alloy, Precision, Precision Stainless, Stedim Palletank, Stainless Fabrication, O.g. Kelley, Mueller, A & B, Apache, Ceramic Coating, Enerfab, Tolan, Vessel Craft, Cherry Burrell, J C Pardo & Sons, Custom Metalcraft, Four Corp, Glasco, Niagara, Brighton, Watson Metal Masters, Keller, Artisan, Paul Mueller, Robert Sanderson, Crepaco, Carl Canzler, Allied Steel, Twcw, Gunthard, Olsa, Hel, Autoclave Eng, New Brunswick, Procip, Holloway, Bcd, Biopharm, Hm Rustfri, Koruma, Pope Scientific, Pure-flo, Sentinel, Stedim, Wunderlich-malec, Laser Technic, Ackley, Accraply, Automatix, Avery, Ccl, Cli, Fasson, H.b. Registration Corp, Herma, Icg, Krones, Label Accessories, Label-aire, Label-all, Labelstar, Lsi, Marsh, New Jersey, Omega Design, Pe Labellers, Quadrel, Roser Products, Sancoa, Superior, Tagsys, Uhlmann, Weber, Weiler, Willett, Nova, Ysi Inc, Asi, Girton, Applied Thermal, Alpine, Dynisco, Amicon, E.merck Darmstad, Pharmacia Biotech, Pharmacia, Synbiosis, Millipore, Varian, Stat, Quanta Chrome, Viscotek, Beckman Coulter, Vankel, Distek, Pe Applied Biosy, Extract Technolo, Boekel, Vwr, Bethesda Researc, Metrohm, Micro Motion, Hoefer Scientific, Core 2 Clean Plu, Sartorius, Hotpack, Norlake Scientific, Agilent, General Electric, Luminescence, Phoenix, Baxter, Environmetal Specialties, Forma Scientific, Kendro Lab, Lab-line, Lindberg, Lunaire, National, Nuaire, Power Scientific, Precision Scientific, Queue, Wheaton, Gallenkamp, Analytical Spect, Powder Systems, Stewart, Caterpillar, Ta Instruments, Packard Bioscien, Thermo Electron, Leica, Nikon, Olympus, Biotage, Kinematica Polyt, Korsch, Alpha, Hach, Pacific, Cole Palmer, Mi Equipment, Sirius, Ipec, Union, Corning, Helix Scientific, Isco, Sony, Kayness, Atr Rotamix, Hp, Enviro Genie, Horiba, Arl, Hunter Lab, Nicolet, Perkin Elmer, Sciex, Robbins Scientif, Natoli, Jofra, Terra Universal, Mettler Toledo, Paragon, Process Combust, Arma, Aetron Crystal, Thermolyne, Crest, Vwr Aquasonic, Grizzly, Southworth, Advance Lifts, Dalmec, David Round, Giant, Raymond, Dynamic Air, Sweco, Young, Fordertechnik, K-tron, Dane Quickart, Rite Corp, Creative Design, Muller, Ehs, Mo, Metro Corp, Pharmatech, Servolift, Accurate, Acrison, Ajax, Ensign, Eriez, Metal Craft, Schenck, Syntron, Thayer, Barrett, Plamatic, Conductix, C & M, Girafa, Hallins, Piab, Palpharma, Shreck, Haf, Metalfab, Chicago, Cmc, Custom, Dyno, Eiger, Nylacast, Ceia, Cintex, Goring, Goring Kerr, Kramer, Lock, Techik, Yamator, Bridgeport, Simpson, Impco, Beloit, Challenge, Air Conveyor Corp, Holzmag, Lycro, Anguil, Lauda, Sperry, Hoesch, Augerot, Shriver, Edwards & Jones, Perrin, Durco, Jwi, American Air Filter, F.r.horman, Sparkler Filter, F.h. 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