Auctions ending between 2019-04-22 to 2019-04-28 in Iowa, United States

Bidding starts 2019-04-22 Location: Iowa, United States

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Featured Equipment

304 OBrien Street, Sanborn
160 N Hayes Ave, Primghar, IA
Lenox 3 Dinner 4 Salads , 4 Cups
Astoria SE/2N 2 bar espresso cappuccino machine
8 Werner Ladder, Located in Hopkinton, IA
Beer box full of plane knobs
Stanley #72 chamfer plane

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Auction Information

[2019-04-22] 304 O'Brien St, Sanborn, IA
[2019-04-22] 160 N Hayes Ave, Primghar
[2019-04-23] Jewelry Display Cases and Crystal Glassware
[2019-04-24] Fairgrounds Coffeehouse
[2019-04-25] Construction Equipment Auction (Multiple Locations)
[2019-04-25] Concrete Construction Equipment Auction
[2019-04-25] Holdgrafer - Farm Retirement Auction
[2019-04-26] Day 1 Humboldt, IA Antique Tool Auction
[2019-04-27] Ladies Choice many dolls/ cashmere/ costume and gold jewelry and accessories
[2019-04-27] Day 2 Humboldt, IA Antique Tool Auction

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