Auctions ending between 2019-04-15 to 2019-04-21 in North Carolina, United States

Bidding starts 2019-04-15 Location: North Carolina, United States

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Featured Equipment

Christmas Merry Go Round
Kitchen Cart, Broiler Oven
Bradbury Rafter Tooling (Profile 2), Includes 2 pieces of Rafter Tooling
Lot 401: Panther Arms DPMS Model LR-308 Rifle
Lot 7: MTH # 20-3125-1 Southern Pacific A-6 Cab Forwards Engine and Tender
Lot 329: The New Orleans Silver Dollar Collection
Lot 5017: 14kt gold necklace

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Auction Information

[2019-04-15] April Gallery Auction
[2019-04-16] Commercial and Industrial Electrical Equipment & Supplies
[2019-04-16] Fine Vinton Estate
[2019-04-17] Martin Self Storage Storage Auction
[2019-04-18] Assets Surplus To The Ongoing Operations Of American Buildings Company (A Nucor Company) & Major Metal Fabricating Sale Of The Year
[2019-04-18] Lenwood Quidley Estate # 1
[2019-04-18] Lenwood Quidley Estate Auction (deceased) # 1
[2019-04-19] Firearms and Militaria Auction
[2019-04-19] Toy Train Collection Auction
[2019-04-19] Online Multi Consignment Auction @ The Red Barn Auction Company
[2019-04-20] Living Estate of Elizabeth Sadler
[2019-04-20] Vintage Ford Cars, Tractors, Shop Equipment & Collectibles
[2019-04-20] Baseball Sets, Gold and Silver Jewelry and Die Cast Cars

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