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Do you sell on eBay? Do you have your own company website? Are you looking for ways to embed your eBay store listings directly on your website? can help you accomplish just that.

What is it? empowers eBay sellers by allowing webmasters to embed their store listings directly on their website, in a complete white label approach. The store listings utilizes responsive layout with pagination and search features, allowing users to browse and search all of seller's inventory directly on their website.

Add more SEO content to your website

Your listings will be served by your own web server as static content, allowing your listings to rank on your website. Also, because your listings are considered static content, they are not blocked by browser add-ons such as Adblocker.

Need to customize further? no problem!

You have complete control over the look of your listings by modifying the CSS files, allowing webmasters to seamlessly integrate their store listings to their website.

Earn additional revenue with your own listings! has direct partnership with - when visitors purchase your inventory on your website, not only you get paid the full amount like any other eBay sales, you get additional cashback from

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