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Park Corporation is a privately owned, multi-divisional company involved in industrial equipment sales for the metalworking and mining industries; convention services; and providing private equity, mezzanine financing, and secured lending for a diversified range of businesses.

Our office/warehouse is located at: 2805 E Ainsworth Ave Pasco WA United States 99301-5844

We specialize in Vertical Motors, Pump Motors, Ac, Turbines, Steam W/out Generator (also See Generators, A.c., Steam (turbine) Driven), Pumpscentrifugals (including Boiler Feed Pumps), Pumpscentrifugals, Vertical (including Deepwell & Turbine Pumps), Circuit Breakers, Air Indoor Typecircuit Breakers Air Indoor, Low Voltage, High Voltage, Electric Motors, Squirrel Cage, 60 Cycle, Construction & Earth Moving Equipment, Foundry Equipment, Lathes, Machining Centers, Cnc, Mining Equipment, Transformers, Valves.

In the past, we have purchased and sold equipment and parts from over 10 brands, including Siemens-allis, Electric Products, Delaval, Ingersoll-rand, Byron-jackson, General Electric, Abb, Louis Allis, Westinghouse, Electric Machinery.

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